Guy I was dating broke up with me a few days before he had to meet my parents? :(?

We were dating for 4 months. He was the one who was coming on strong and talking about meeting his fam and us moving in together. So I invited him to my moms birthday just cause I thought it would be fun cause there birthday was gonna be at a huge restaurant with dancing and music. So a few days before the party, he breaks up with me and tells me I'm perfect and beautiful but he doesn't feel that spark anymore. I was so hurt! Things were going soooo well! We always had fun. Why did he break up with me out of the blue? it makes no sense :(


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  • It could be just a lame duck excuse that being mom's birthday bash was coming up, he merely got cold feet and decided to play games, finding a way to "Disappear" for awhile Until-----The coast is clear, dear.
    Don't be blue, sweetie. I smell a rat in Denmark. I feel that if everything has been koshore as a pickle up until the party plans, then he was finding a cowardly way to bail out without having to paint the town red Instead.
    Let things go for awhile. It's your choice, your call if you want to take him back. But if you do, I can't promise you what other silly stunt he might pull in the future when it comes right down to Actually having To-----Meet the parents.
    Now he can't be trusted, this lion in sheep's clothing. You both need to have a serious convo if given the opportunity before the next big family function.
    Good luck. xx


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  • lets drop down to the basics here before i give my opinion to decipher this mystery...(though i think i have already)
    4 months of dating huh. Ok, question... have you guys had sex?

    • yes...

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    • thank you so much for your feedback!!! I don't know who downvoted you! I agree with you 100%. Thank you!

    • glad to help. :)

  • Its someone's behind the screen job maybe mom , or someone else blackmailed him demanding him to break-up


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  • He probably wasn't feeling it and decided it was best to blow you off before going through with meeting your parents.

  • A. He could have found someone else
    B. He isn't into you anymore
    C. He's to scared it was getting to serious and shyed away.

    Give it time if he really liked you he will come back and if he doesn't it is was it is. And there's better out there.

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