If I've been kissing a girl, but have only been out twice with her, is it fair game to keep dating other girls?

I know this question might seem ridiculous to a lot of people, but I live in a fairly conservative community, so kissing is probably a bigger deal here than it is elsewhere. I've been out twice with a girl and we kissed/cuddled for an hour or two each time. Also, we've got a third date planned for later this week.

I've been casually dating a couple of other girls, and I don't want to stop dating them until I'm pretty sure I want a relationship with the girl I've been kissing.

Is it fair game to keep dating the other girls?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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  • Yes its fair game end of the day you need to keep your options open incase she is an attractor these women hook you in quick as possible then when you hooked in they keep there options open and date other men, until its official you can date who you like


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  • I think thats fine, As long as you let her know that your just exploring your options. If she thinks your exclusive then prepare to be kicked in the balls. Girls dont like to be kept out of the loop.

  • Just don't let her find out, and if she talks about being more committed and you agree, stop with the other girls. But while you're dating, you can really do what you want, you have no obligation to her at this time.


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