Relationships and "labels"... are they important or not?

I used to think labels are unimportant and boring.

However, due to having been not even dumped... but the guy I was seeing started serioulsy dating a girl without even bothering to tell... so now I kind of think there might be a point in labelling things?

I'm not at all the sort of person that needs to have it on facebook, don't really want to get married. For me basic communicationa bout how both are feeling and how they envisage the future is enough


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  • Communication is important. Labels are by far the easiest way to define things mutually. The alternative to labels isn't just being relaxed about it, the alternative is -greater- and more specific levels of communication. Being relaxed and not-specific is simply a way of saying 'this is casual and I may be seeing other people and this could simply fade away at any time'.


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  • Hard to understand what your after. But communication is important in a relationship or it will sink.


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  • I think it is important because it defines what the relationship is and therefore, what is permissible or not.
    Without a definition, there is no relationship rather, its a case of a fling or affair (ive learnt that the hard way) where anything goes.