Will he know I've spent all of the money on his card?

My man lets me use his prepaid credit card for itunes etc, it's declining now because I've spent all the money, he's overseas at the moment for a couple months working and I'm just wondering if he will know I've spent it all? It was only about four days ago, and I know that people get statements sent to them at the end of every month, is it the same for prepaid cards? It's not his main card. Basically my question is, will he know I've spent all the money by early/late November? thanks :)

He lets me use the money, he gives it to me and tells me it's mine. I'm not worried at all about him discovering I've spent it all because it was GIVEN to me to spend. I was just curious. Stop being jealous and grow up you losers.


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  • Well now a days you get apps where you can log in to check how much you spent and online too so maybe he might know - better tell him


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  • you can't tell when you've spent a prepaid credit card. The only way he will find out is if he tries to use the prepaid credit card that you have

  • He will find out. I think you should pay him back.

    • He gives the money to me, it's mine to spend he says. So I'm not worried about him finding out
      , just curious if he will. He wouldn't let me pay him back even as I've offered before.

  • Fucking Succub


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  • Get a job or something shit
    Stop being a moocher and refill his card

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