What the hell is going trough his head?

okay so i had a date with this guy last saturday, and we had an amazing time, well o thought we did. We hugged all the time he was nice to me and was always dropping kisses on my forehead and teasing me (in a nice way). I actually thought it was sort of perfect.
Sunday, im online and he didn't say anything to me, didn't text me either
And then comes Monday (today), and i am just so confused by his attitude, like at lunch tome when we were at the cafeteria he just said hi (instead of kissing my cheek , and it seemed pretty awkward to me), and didn't wait for me (like he always does), didn't invite me so sit with him (like he did all of last week), and later when we walked by each other he just waved at me and i asked him a question and he answered and went away.
Also, at the end of school i was waiting for my ride, when he came over and just said hi and we had a little conversation that seemed forced. And I am just so confused by his attitude!


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  • Possibly he is testing to see if you are interested in him. Some guys will do all that niceness stuff for a while to get you attached. Then to see if it worked, they will distance for a little bit to see if you follow. If you do, the plan worked. Cleverly thought out, and makes sense in a way, however doesn't always work as it is intended. Depends on the girls initial returned interest level during the experiment. The chance of success in getting the girls interest mainly is scored based on what exactly the guy does to catch your feelings. If he hits the right spots that you like, the chance goes up. If he does something stupid like try to cop a feel to quick and make you uncomfortable, score goes down. Ya see the layout? Its like a game of chance


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  • turn up the heat


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