When to ask for the date?

I have no idea how timing any of this works. If you're interested in someone and willing to try a date, how long should you wait, assuming the days in between consist of communication in one form or another?

First meeting's too soon, ain't it.


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  • Ask for her phone number after you meet her and then call her like a few days later and at least 24 hours before you call her so that she doesn't think your desperate.


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  • Well, I'm not the type who's asking a lot of girls out so on my side it always takes a while for me to see if we would fit together at all. Up until that it's always texting, calling, meeting with friends, etc...

    But if you get along quite well for some days, there is nothing wrong in asking if she has nothing to do on any given day and to ask her if she'd like to do something fun with you...

    The first time you meet someone you're not actually directly asking her out for a date, more will you confront her and tell her that you think she's interesting and blabla smalltalk and ask for her number so you then are able to ask her out on a date. Which will definitely happen since she's already given you her number (though this only applies if she has time this weekend ;))

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