I like him, and he kind of likes me... what do I do?

I like an 18 year old guy, but the issue is that I'm only 14. I told him that I like him and he said if we were the same age he'd like me too, but that the age difference is holding it back. I don't know if he currently likes me now or if he would only like me if I were older. I still really like him and he knows that, but he said it's not weird. He also said I'm cute and some of the stuff I say is cute, an example being when I'm shy. I don't really know what to do, but I don't think I can simply just "stop liking him" because I've felt like this for about 5 months or so.


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  • When you are 16 in some states and 18 in most, he would not be facing jail. There are good reasons to wait for relationships until you are older. Some reasons actually have to do that you develop reasoning skills and physically changes in your brain chemistry often right up until you are 21.


    Enjoy being your age and go out with friends closer to your age. You will change a lot in the next 4 years. Let him be to socialize in his age group.

    Hope that helps.

    • Thanks for your opinion, but I don't think I'll be dating anyone because I don't have feelings for anyone else.

    • Give yourself six months. That can change the world at your age. You are much more likely to find a balanced and long lasting relationship if you give yourself time to discover who you are. Find another outlet for your interests and start building your own personality and preferences. You are far more likely to get into a relationship and make it last if you give yourself the next 6 to 8 years, at least, to know yourself. Rushing in too soon can usually cause relationships to not work out. And not working out may change your life into a single mother. Enjoy having friends closer to your own age for now. If you two are meant to be, that might be available in 6 years, in the meantime discover yourself and what you like to do without becoming one of two.

    • Alright, I'll take your advice and see how I feel after several months. I definitely don't want to rush into any sort of relationship, I'd much rather stick to my close friends. I understand that this could be some sort of "first love" situation so I know my mind could change, especially years into the future. I guess I'll just have to see where my mind takes me.

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  • Well, in my state, that would be illegal. If you think you can wait around for 4 years on the same guy, do so, but, I think it's time to move on


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