I really want to text him and confront him about what he is now doing?

Last Week on Thursday, this guy I had been talking to and I got into our first fight. It was over how I did not know we were dating because he just expected me to know. The last time I had assumed anything, I ended up getting hurt by the same situation because I assumed we were dating a month prior to this happening. He said over a phone call that he needed time, and all these other excuses. His friend texted me today and told me that apparently he told him that I was the one who rushed things and took things too quick even though he was the one who started this whole issue. I want to text him and ask why he is freaking trying to make me look like the bad person when it was him saying all of these things after it was all over me not knowing we were together. Help?


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  • Why bother? Sounds like more trouble worth dealing with. Too many red flags with this dude that should've had you leaving long ago.


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  • I spy a stressful ordeal, and I would suggest ridding of it before it gets to far. You never know what else they may try to pull. I have seen these things happen before and it was almost never good


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