Anyone been in love & got hurt so much?

Being in love is probably the best gift given to mankind.
Just wanted opinions on love where it hurt so badly.
For instance unrequited love, deep attraction love, more than friends love. Silent love. Etc etc

Also if you never been in love.

When love hurts it's probably the most severe emotional pain you can ever have.

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  • I have, you can read my questions to understand what happened.
    It is emotionally horrible and I've heard heartbreak is beginning to be seen as an actual injury.
    Emotional neglect and abuse suck dude, especially when it's by someone you love

    • I'm sorry to hear that. Emotional hurt is like waves of pain. Some of these emotional waves are so big & deep that yiu have to somehow, someway ride them out. It's tough. But where there's belief there's hope. Take care & thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for that

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  • My first BIG love told me after we had dated for a while that he had a long distance girlfriend of two years. The worst thing was that I already was so in love with him that I tried "being friends" just so I could be close to him. I'm never doing that mistake again because it made me have that constant feeling that I wasn't enough and I got depressed for over a year.

    Also now I realize what an arse he is and I'm sort of happy that he already had a girlfriend so that I didn't get stuck with a lying cheater. Instead I'm more happy than ever with my loving and caring boyfriend :)

    • Hey that was very brave of you recovering albeit painfully from your 1st relationship. It's nice to know now that you have a caring & loving boyfriend.

  • No I haven't. I was married for 11 years and I thought I loved loved him but I don't think I did. I don't know what it feels like to really love someone other than my kids.

    • Hey you look so young. Would never have guessed you were married for 11 years. It's nice to have children & they obviously love you back. You never know you might still find a person who will love you & his loves reciprocated. Thanks for sharing. Very brave of you. Take care.

  • I guess unless you have been so lucky where you marry your first love and live together till you die in happiness there's always a chance for hurt and heartbreak. That's just a fact of life. Some people got it better some people got it worse. How you learn from it and bounce back is key.

    • Well said. Very good summary & yes recovery from heartbreak isn't ever pleasant.

  • o_O what is love? how to love? where is Love? how can u be in Love? :/ I don't know :v teach me

    • These are my opinions & am sure other people may have other views. There's a plethora info on the internet.
      Anyway from my heart...
      Love is the greatest gift given to humans. That's why we differ from any other species. We have feelings, emotions within us that allow us to bond with others into interpersonal behaviours. These behaviours can extend from spiritual to physical levels.
      Love is within ourselves I believe. As the emotions cone from the chest area. It's like a wave of emotion going through the body. It's like no other feeling.
      You can be in love when unconditionally you want the very best for the person. It's not the paternal type... father/mother/child/fraternal it's more than that. You put your own desires aside and try your utmost for the beloved to be happy. You share your deepest innermost thoughts. You confide and trust the beloved so much that they are a part of you. You always out them 1st even if it means they have not the same level of love as you.

    • I could go on... but I'm sure you understand the gist.

  • the worst pain after period pain

    • Apologies I don't know what's it like to have period pain. But to be hurt in love is exhaustingly painful I know from my own experience.

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  • Never been in love.

    • There hopefully will be someone waiting to receive your love and you will 1 day fall in love. It happens when you are least expecting. You miss the person regularly. You think about them relentlessly. You think of them when you close your eyes at night and when you wake up. They become a part of you.
      You'll do anything to make them happy & smile. It's natures gift.

    • Thanks man, and see s/n... LOL

  • Yeah man happened to me several times... I tend to fall in love quiet easily and when I am in love I suffer rejection been happening my whole life :( oh well I'm used to it now so it's all good lol

  • Yup. Unrequited, doesn't know it. Probably doesn't feel the same way as far as I know.

    • Personally speaking unrequited love whereby your love is not reciprocated is probably the most painful love you can have. Where you love the person so much that they do not have the same feelings. Unrequited in my opinion is a form of non-physical love but very strong spiritual love. Sometimes the beloved may not even know the extent of the admirers deepest, strong & romantic intentions. It's still love but 1 way love. Extremely painful.

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    • I'll chat to you. Via messages if you allow. Thank you.

    • Ok, try it. Let me know if you can't so I can re adjust my settings.

  • Yes, I just got out of a relationship, and miss the other person. I made mistakes (so did she), and just miss her as a person. It hurts pretty bad and the "just move on" comments don't really offer anything. Not sure how you just "move on" from someone that is so important to you.