As a man what are some good solid opinions upon how to keep the upper hand?

Ok ladies i know its a absurd kinda sounding question but from my position i am not able to keep a stable relationship cause i always give the girl the complete upper hand so i need opinions on how to keep a more secure, confident stature i. A relationship where the girl will consider me a prize and not a guy that got lucky with her


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  • you are fishing in a depleted sea my friend. the truth of the matter is men in general DONT have the "upper hand" when it comes to girls and especially when you are dating that girl. and if you want a girl that will see you as some prize, you are going to have to find someone with extremely low self-esteem. and even then, your chances of having an "upper hand" are still slim.


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  • don't be weak. no woman respects a weak wishy washy man

    however any girl with self esteem knows she's a prize. you don't want a girl with low esteem you just want a girl who values you. you find someone who values you by valuing yourself

    • i guess the girls I've been dating are just so cocky i hardly stand a chance, this girls playing games with me to see how many of her hoops ill jump through and its doing a number on me

  • If you treat a girl like she's a prize, then if she knows what's good for her age will see that you are a prize. Otherwise, she's emotionally unavailable or some other problem like that. I can speak from first hand experience that if a guy treats me as a prize, he becomes a prize to me. Creates healthy relationships. And I'll give a guy 3 dates to get there.

    • I must disagree with anonymous guy below. I have high self esteem and will not accept subpar treatment from males. He has been around the wrong girls! Seeing a guy as a prize does not mean a girl has low self esteem. Accepting poor treatment does!

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