A girl said she showed my picture to a friend does that mean she likes me more than a friend?

So I have been talking to this girl a lot. I am not sure if she see me as a friend or more.

but few nights ago after she came home from a bar i text her and we talked for a few hours. at the end of the conversation she said she showed a friend my picture.

my question is since i know now she showed my picture to her friends. is that a sign she likes me? or do girls show other girls pictures of their good friends?


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  • Good chance she likes you. She is talking about you and usually when you show a photo it means she thinks your attractive and wants the opinion of her friend.


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  • its not a sign she likes you maybe she talks about you a lot and wanted her friend to know how you look

  • I wouldn't say that means she likes you. It could mean her friends wanted to know what you looked like or it could mean a lot of things. It is possible that she likes you, but there are also many other reasons why she could be showing your picture to a friend.


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