Should I do it or just wait around?

Should I ask the guy I like out or not. I have been talking to this guy for a little while and this new girl comes along and I feel like she's coming in to my area and trying to take him. He and I fo like each other. He has asked me out once but I had to cancel. should I ask him out or just drop it. what should I do help.


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  • Ok first of all tell him you like him and you would like to be more then friends that will give him a big confident buster if he likes you and also don't adk him out to me that is like taking a guys man hood away and pretty much slapping him in the face say you have bigger balls then him and some girls do but that's not the point so tell him you like him and you would like to be more that friends and then he decides the path to go on from there I hope this was some help good luck

    • You guys answer are completely different

    • Hey I no what it feels like and to me I don't want a girl to ask me i will ask her other wize it seems like I have not ball but I do

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  • Absolutely, he probably thinks you rejected him so you should get the ball rolling by asking him out. Or you may grow old waiting.


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