Boyfriend's best girl friend.. help!!

My partner has a best girl friend from years back. They have a bit of history - they had sex once a couple years back and that was that - I've never had an issue with my boyfriends friends before, and I don't think it's fair to expect someone to not be friends with someone just because you are going out with them, that is ridiculous. But over the past few weeks this particular girl is starting to cause trouble. I met her for the first time a few weeks back and not long after I'd met her, she text my bf "just met your gf... hmm... interesting :P". I know cos he showed me and seemed miffed about it, and he asked her what she meant. She didn't reply and changed the subject. He asked her again later on that night and she replied "haha I was just talking shit. I just wanted to make you think." he replied "thats weird" to her. so that happened and then life goes on haha. then one night while I was sitting with him at his computer they're talking - he had the chat up, wasn't hiding anything, everything all good, then I glanced over at the screen the chat was on and she has sent him this - "haha I'm pretty good at sucking cock, or so I've been told ahaha" he didn't reply to it, and I was so shocked that she'd say it, because she has a bf herself. I brought it up the next day when I felt a bit clearer headed about it, and he said to not worry, that's just how she is and she didn't mean anything by it. I said he should have called her out on it because it is inappropriate. He wouldn't, stating that it would cause drama. That hurt me. The later not hat week she sent him a snapchat of her just out of the shower - only her shoulder and a bit of her face was in it with the caption "look at my sunburn". The a couple nights ago , she was messaging him asking him to come see her because she was bored. I don't know what to make of her - what is going on? please help!

I should also say that I haven't snooped through any of his stuff to find this out, this has all happened in front of my face. But it seems odd and I'm not sure what to make of it.


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  • communicate that you don't like those things but that you trust him enough that in the future he'll let her know if she's taken it too far.

    Then drop it. Don't give this girl an in to start bashing you because you're freaking out...

    Its very easy to destroy relationships worrying about this stuff, gotta give him trust until its flat out proven he's doing something wrong.

    I don't think anyone would be that open with their chats if something was going on or it was even leaning towards that.


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  • If your boyfriend is at the mental level of retardation that I am most certainly sure that he is at... you should not be dating him anyway... FORGET ABOUT the desperate hoe begging for attention at this point, because SHE is not EVEN the problem here... The real issue is that YOUR MAN is a big.. well.. dumb ass. and you should not be dating him :[

    • he says thati have nothing to worry about, and that he loves me. and that she is just like that all the time. I feel like he defended her and didn't think about my feelings. And that really hurt. And she has a boyfriend, I don;t know why she would act this way after meeting me?

    • Cause she's a whores. And whores like to do whore type things? She has a man... doesn't matter.. she wants yours too because her vagina never has enough dicks inside or enough STD'S... SHE ALWAYS NEEDS MORE.. As for him saying you should not worry? LMAO... Yeah ya should.. but only enough to dump him and move on because he's stupid and not worth the heart ache.

    • I fail to agree with this. This attitude is how us men get heart broken over something that could really just be a girl who's trying too hard. Give him the benefit of the doubt as you have been, trust him, and send that bitch packing, cause I've been in that situation and although they were my friend, it was damn annoying and my girlfriend at that time was worrying herself sick over something that really was absolutely nothing. Talk to him about it, honestly, I've lost a lot of good relationships because we didn't communicate enough.

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