When a guy takes a long time to text you but when he does it's always long?

He always takes hours and hours to text me back. We just started dating but it's a little bit annoying... we will start a conversation and he will get back to me like 6 hours later but it will be a long paragraph and he will ask me stuff too.

Do you think he likes me?

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  • My boyfriend is like this too, he doesn't feel the need to read texts the moment he gets them because he's doing other things. Since I'm not much of a texter either but I really wanted to talk to him I asked him after our first few dates something like "tomorrow maybe you could call me instead? ;)" since he often was the one who started texting. Now we only talk on the phone because it's so much easier and we get much more said :) But you could just initiate calling him too, don't wait around for him to contact you :)


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  • Texting. Doesn't. Matter. I've been friends with boys for a long time and I learned a long time ago that they aren't texters. It doesn't mean they don't care about me but they just hate texting. I do too. It's just texting. Don't let it get to you. I let the texting thing go a long time ago. Now it doesn't bother me at all if a guy forgets to reply or just doesn't.

  • He's probably occupied with other things while at the same time preparing what's best to say to you. He sounds analytical-as if he's thinking things through before discussing them with you (to impress you maybe).
    Ask him though... for clarification bc it annoys you.