What is the best way to approach a random girl?

What is the best way to approach a random girl and ask her out for a coffee or something like that. The reason I ask is because I am new to the dating scene and don't really know how to approach girls or what to say once I have.


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  • Honestly try being yourself is key. It's a lot easier said than done to be confident, but having a sense of confidence is definitely a plus or as other girls would say "a turn on." Some guys may tell you playing hard to get is the way to go or being a douche, but in reality, it does the opposite of what you want. For starters, try being calm before you approach this girl, because if you're nervous (which is completely normal), your nerves may get the best of you. You could try smiling in a confident/non-creepy way ha when you approach her. Then introduce yourself and try to start small talk. But from personal experience, I would say that it's best to casually drop the "asking her out question" later on in the conversation so it doesn't seem creepy. So after discussing what she likes to do for fun, you could casually mention how you'd like to try that hobby with her sometime. And rejection is a totally normal part of asking a girl out. So try to not feel so bad that the first girl you asked out didn't reply with yes. It's harder said than done but don't give up! You never know when you'll meet the perfect girl for you. Best of luck asking the girl you're interested in out!

    • OK like I said I am new to this so you're saying I can just go up to a girl and just introduce myself like "Hi I am David, Nice to meet you" and then continue a conversation from that?

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    • Yes it does :) Sorry I am kinda new to this site I always forget about it :P

    • Ahaha no worries! Thanks for MHO and welcome! :) You also get 2 XP for giving out MHO.

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  • I'd like to add to the answers you have so far and just remind you that respecting boundaries is key. If a woman has headphones in, she probably doesn't want to be approached. If you ask her a question (like about what she's reading) and it seems like she doesn't want to talk, say it was lovely. to meet her, and excuse yourself. Honestly the best way to make a date with someone is to keep their comfort in mind. Most women would see a stranger coming up to them as a potential threat, simply because they don't know you. So try to find a connection with someone before you ask them out or for their number. And ask them to meet you someplace public, or if you're in public already ask if you can sit with them. Most people respond positively if they feel they are being respected, even if they aren't necessarily attracted to you. If you show respect you will most likely get it back. And if you are turned down, try to accept it and realize that it's ok and rejection is a huge part of dating. And remember that no one has to give you a reason if they aren't interested, and it isn't always because of you. Some women just don't date strangers, and some women don't date at all. But most importantly don't try to be someone you're not, because it's very hard to keep that up for a long time.

  • Maybe just go up to a girl, ask her about something that you can both see around yous or just simply say hi , how are you? :)


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