Torn and complicated?

There is this guy i have know for 3 years , we have been together for 2 years. He is the best thing that ever happened to me but lately there is this girl and she is my friend but she seems to be get close to him and i don't know i feel insecure , he has always been quite popular with the girls and recently he was quite rude , he didn't talk to me and after we had sex , nothing , not even a smile. he is always on the phone.
I can't imagine not being without him.


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  • When did you start having sex with him? Recently or within the 2 years? Are you dating exclusively?

    • Within 2 years and yes we are dating exclusively

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    • As much as i would love to , i dont think i would deal with that fact , i want postpone it.

    • You will be in turmoil until you do. Good luck.

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  • You're overthinking


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