What do I do if my boyfriend says he feels more like a friend- as I'm not romantic?

So my current boyfriend, my first kiss, has told me he feels as if he's just a friend.. I don't talk dirty to him, and he is bothered by that.. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.. The only time I see him is during school because we're both really busy on weekends. I don't know. I'm just really confused..


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  • Because you don't talk dirty? If he's worth changing for then change but if he's not then don't change.


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  • Are you comfortable being sexual with him?

    • We've been dating for a little over a week.. And I've only ever kissed him (but it was a peck on the lips so..) I am not comfortable, I guess is what I'm trying to say..

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    • Well.. Okay.. Thank you..

    • This. He's right. Girls from a young age become so concerned with keeping a guy that they'll lose themselves in the process. Learn now how to be the girl who stands up for yourself, and you'll not only find a good guy, but save yourself a lot of hurt in the process.

  • its only been about a week and he already feels this way? hahaa. its still fresh, give it some time.

    • Honest to god I feel like this is all stupid, because I dated a guy for 2 years, and he told me it was fine I didn't want to do anything. But all guys are different..
      My last boyfriends told me they were just happy to see me, or hear from me..

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    • I knew he was clingy when I met him. But I started to really like him because I've never had someone like always want to be talking to me.. But I don't know.. I feel like I'm doing something wrong here..

    • go with your gut, you're still young.

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