I thought I wanted this, but I am not too sure now?

This guy and I talked for 3 months, dating for a month period and we were officially together for a couple of days before he broke up with me. I know that I messed up in the relationship because I took my guy best friends side over my boyfriends, I hung out with my best friend when my boyfriend did not want me to and we argued and fought over it because I would not listen to him. While I was hanging out with my guy best friend at the time, he called and broke up with me over the phone. My gut reaction because I was a group a group of people was to just laugh it off because I did not want to show pain or ruin my friends' night. He keeps holding that over my head no matter how many times I try to apologize for it! But, he expects me to continue to apologize mean while he does not think he did anything wrong and won't own up to anything. He does not think that I will apologize about everything else either. I told him I am going to, but "after seeing my true colors" he highly doubts it. I want to try and fix things with him, but he said at this point he can't promise me that we would even get back together after I do apologize to him. It kind of pissed me off because I feel like he is not even attempting to try and fix it, that it has to be all on me and I basically have to convince him to give him another shot, which I don't roll like that. I told him that if it is going to be all on me, where I have to fix this all by myself with out his help, then I want no part of it. Was that a bitchy thing to say to him? I know I am standing up for myself, but at the same time I just don't see it as being fair if I have to apologize for everything that I only did wrong, while he sits there thinking that he is the perfect angel.


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  • He's being very childish and immature. So, he's definitely expecting more than his due. But it also could be an indication that he's not comfortable to be in a relationship, because his reasons for breaking up with you are quite silly. Looks like he would have done it one way or the other. However, u can still try to save the relationship by being mature and silently accepting his unreasonable behavior.

    Let him ignore you and stay away from you, but you don't get all angry and get desperate and start demanding explanation and stuff. Just let him have his way, and quietly contact him on his birthday or some other occasion (or send him a gift), just to show him that you are willing to wait. I feel your BF is kinda testing you, you know, to see if you are long term material, if you are willing to adjust with him. Coz if he only wanted to break up, he wouldn't have done so much drama. He seems to be still interested in you.


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  • sounds like both of you are too prideful for this relationship to work. Relationships are all about giving in to one another, not being stubborn until you get your way.


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