Do I need to move on from this girl?

Over the coarse of a month I have dated this girl off an on from my job. She came on to me, started sending me text messages, wants to hold my hand etc. Thing is last week she told me she did not see it going anywhere. She also moved in with a male roommate. Kinda figured it was curtains but she keeps flirting, calling, she even came over to my house and gave me a massage. I really like her and I see her like every day so it makes it hard to forget and move on but do I need to move on?


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  • She has obviously not really made her mind up. The move in is a definite alert though.
    It is possible she is running her own little comparison test.
    I would give her a little space. See if she comes around, and how she comes around.
    Some girls just can't help but create drama.

  • Considering she has a male roommate now, do you really want to get close to her? But if u really like her, why don't you have a serious talk with her...


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