Am I being stupid for being angry with my bf?

So basically I'm 15 weeks pregnant with his first baby and we were both smokers before and obviously me doing the right thing I gave up and he said he would give us with me which I was really happy with I just caught him earlier on smoking with his friends and I'm so angry at the fact he's lied to me and done it behind my back, if he didn't want to give up why didn't he just tell me? He had also been taking money out of money jar and saying he was using it to get food for when he was with his friends which obviously that was a lie and it was going on tobacco and he knows I've been struggling for money coz I already have a child and a house to look after he doesn't bring any money in and if he does get money he doesn't put it towards the house it goes towards his ps3 games I feel like I'm doing this all on my own again my ex did the exact same thing to me and he knows how hurt I was by all the lies and he always says he wouldn't do it but he's honestly turning out to be the exact same am I stupid for being angry and hure? He wonders why I have trust issues


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  • you have every right to be mad at that loser. you are pregnant, both of y'all should be preparing for the baby to get here, and he's taking money to buy cigarettes knowing y'all struggling? I am sorry to say but you are pregnant by a loser. a man should have the means to provide for you, especially now that you are pregnant. look at all the stress your going through about money all because he is a no-getting money loser. Honestly you would probably do better if you kicked him out the house and got on welfare. I don't think you can have a man living in the house if you collect but by the looks of it you don't now..

    • I know he's a loser but he honestly believes he never does anything wrong and when I get angry or upset about money issues he just laughs at me as if it's all a big joke I don't even think I can afford Christmas this year I just want him to change :(

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  • nope for me you are doing the right thing after all you have a baby , your bf should get responsible now. You are doing right thing by being angry on him. I respect for you being a responsible woman :)

    • Thank you hun, I don't want to make my unborn child suffer with me smoking I just feel like Im a complete idiot for trusting him

    • i think its okay to smoke but still he shouldn't lie , trust is most important thing in a relation and i think he has lost that.

  • I don't understand why you got pregnant from that guy (unless it was an imprudent accident)

    • Yeh it was an accident, I was using contraception but unfortunately it failed but I don't believe in abortion unless for medical reasons

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