What's up with my ex being so nice all of a sudden? Is he interested again?

Me and my ex had this thing and it was one of those lust filled fast relationships. only lasted a few months.
anyways, i haven't talked to him in months, ignored him at school, everything.
my friend needed me to ask him something and i mean she's shy so i did it and we ended up going to his grandparents house and stuff.
anyways, it literally felt like we were back in a relationship. the same old flirting and stuff.
and he's a prude, takes that kind of stuff seriously, and he asked for a hug when he dropped me off at my house.
i found it weird since he's not affectionate, anything like that, and we JUST started talking again that same day.

*addition : he waited for me outside my job for an hour before we went to his grandparent's house?
-is he trying to get back with me (we already established that we still have feelings for eachother)

just any kind of advice or opinions would be wonderful~~


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  • Maybe he wants to end on good terms. He might start being a dick to you. Just wait a week or two he'll go back to his usual self

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