I recently asked a girl out and we're together now but I realized I made a mistake because I like another girl?

Ok so a week ago I asked a girl that I thought I really liked out and she said yes. Don't get me wrong I do like her a bit but I don't know if I want a serious relationship with her. We go to the same school so we see each other a lot and generally everything is going alright. However, one of my "girl-friends" (I mean friends, not partners) also started dating a guy. After lots of taught I think I've come to the conclusion that, really, I like that "friend" of mine. She hasn't told me this but I think even though she doesn't see her new boyfriend every day, she's pretty happy with him. I think its time to get to the point. I want to break up with the girl I'm dating but #1 its only been a week and I would look like a bit of a d*ck to her friends. (Which are my friends too), #2 most likely our friends will get upset and be angry with me and #3 I care about this girl and I don't want to hurt her. So my first question is wether to wait until I think its a good time to break up with my current girlfriend or just forget about the other girl for now and focus on having a bit of fun with my current relationship. Anyway, my second question is how to approach and try to win the other girl (the one with the boyfriend) even if myself and her are in a relationship? I know it sounds like I'm a bad person but really I want to find the time to break up with my current girlfriend and then "steal" the other girl from her boyfriend.. Can anyone help me? Please this whole situation has brought me headaches these past few days and.. Thanks for making it this far into the question and I would be more than happy if you could answer :)
Ps. Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, I'm not from a english-speaking country


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  • If you're not into her as much as you thought, sit down with her and tell her straight up how you feel. Distancing yourself from her is just going to upset her and staying with her when you're not really into the relationship isn't fair to her at all. Also "stealing" another girl from her current boyfriend is a low move. She's in a relationship with someone else and if she's happy, don't mess it up or create any drama. You may also just think that you like her more than you like your current girlfriend. It's only been a week! You should give it a little time before breaking up with her because you never know how you'll feel about her later on.

  • Go on the date just so you don't look like a douche. But make sure she knows it's just causal. Then make your pass at the other girl.


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