"It's Complicated"? Help!?

Okay, so... I'm in a tough spot right now.
My guy friend just told me that "I might like you... But it's complicated."

The trouble is that he's 20 and I'm 15.
He lives in Australia, and I live in America.
I might have feeling for him too, but I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend until I'm at least 17.

I might really like him, but I have no idea what to say! Help!!


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  • Having been in a long distance relationship with someone actually in the same country as me I can safely say being so far apart from someone you have such crazy feelings for hurts so much and I would avoid it at all costs, but that's just me.

    The fact he is in a completely different country would make it 100% worse and you being 15 would make it practically impossible to ever maintain a healthy and working relationship.

    My honest opinion is that this is setting you up for a serious heart break that is unnecessary and painful. If I were you, I would definitely get out now before teenage feelings take over and you feel like shit for ages :)

    Help me with my question? :( (on profile)


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  • Its illegal and long distance. and "might like you sounds" very indecisive. Don't do it. it will stress you out to have such an age disparity at such a long distance. good luck


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  • I would move on because it would be so hard maintaining a long distance relationship with someone out of your country now in your country is a different story but without knowing where you guys would stand in the future its just saving you from being heart broken because he might not be willing to commit and leave everything he has to come to america and instead of getting attach to someone who can be assure of his feelings for you really isn't worth getting involved with