3 great dates, then he went on vacation for a week?

I’m in my late 20's and I started seeing this guy who I’ve known for a couple years as acquaintances. The first date was great. Right off the bat we were comfortable, laughing and had a ton to talk about. We spent the whole night together hopping from place to place, and ended up having a dance party at his place after. We made out and I slept over, but no sex. He took me for breakfast the next morning.
The following day he invited me out for drinks, but I was busy and declined. We decided to meet another night and met up at a bar later that eve. Another fantastic time, spent the whole night together and I slept over again. We were making out and he stopped, looked at me, and said “I like you.” I told him I liked him too. We didn’t have sex, he didn’t seem to want to. Again, we had breakfast the next day.
That night he invited me out with his friends so I went after I was finished what I was doing. I knew he was going away for a week so I figured I would see him off, hoping to keep the lines open while he was away.
He didn’t contact me after a few days of being away. Totally understandable since he’s on vacation, and he’s busy. But I wanted to see how he was doing, so I texted him. I got a reply a day later. It was a light conversation that ended pretty quickly. Makes sense, since he’s on vacay.
However, he’s been back in town for a couple days and I haven’t heard from him. I’ve decided to wait for him to reach out to me, since he’s the one who’s been gone.
So I have a few questions:
– do his previous actions indicate that he is interested in me, beyond just saying so
– why hasn’t he contacted me since he’s been back, since he seemed to make quite the effort before he went away
– is it wise for me to contact him in the next day or two, just to see where our convo goes?
- is he taking a few steps back from saying he likes me?
I would like to see him again, but I want to approach the situation carefully so no one gets hurt in the end

well, i just texted him anyway. i thought, screw it. i want to do it so i will. all i did was say hi. he responded right away saying he was just thinking of me.
i suppose i could have held off...


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  • I understand you're wanting to know how he was doing on vacation, but I agree with the other guy in the comments; Probably should have waited to text him. He may or may not be just a douche bag who found another woman that he finds attractive, people are known to cut off contact, or make very little effort to talk to someone once they find a new fling.
    But hey, I wish you the best, just don't hold your breath waiting for this guy, I don't he's doing the same.

  • Texting him on vacation may not have been best. Perhaps he is busy now that he is back. I would say wait a bit. Perhaps read "The Rules". I haven't read it but from what I know of it, it fits on why I hit on my now wife so hard.


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