Is he really into me or is it all words?

I am dating this guy and we have amazing chemistry... I have really strong feelings for him and he's been pretty open with me about his feelings from the start. He texts me, calls me, tells me I am one of the most important persons in his life right now, writes me poems... All the great things... But

He hasn't actually taken me out on a date except for a coffee... We meet at random places and he's content to stay in either of our cars... or go to each other's places (He actually hasn't said I'd like to take you out)... I'll cook for him and we'll have a nice time but I'm always wondering where's the courtship... I've mentioned it a few times and then he says he'll take me to a movie but that also hasn't happened.
When we have an argument or so he disappears for a week at a time and then says he tried calling yet there is no missed call on my phone... it feels like a punishment...
In terms of meeting he never books me in advance every time I ask he just brushes it off saying he'll get back to me and then gets back to me last minute...
There is also been a few times when he said he'd come visit me and then at the very last minute he'll say he can't because he's tired and has to work the next morning... Which I understand but doesn't he know these things in advance?
Sometimes I feel like I am there just for his pleasure... and when that's done then there is no use for me... Maybe I'm being overly sensitive... But I don't know how not to feel hurt when I am looking forward to seeing someone so much and they claim I mean the world to them and talk about crossing oceans and then they can't even keep a "house date"...

Do I have unreasonable expectations or should I cut my losses?


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  • Girl, this guys is not worth your time. He is definitely playing you and by the sounds of it, he's just in it for the sex. You want a relationship and he's looking for a fuck-buddy. Cut your losses and find someone who's worth your time and whose willing to give you what you're looking for. I know it's easier said than done, but at the end of the day, you'll feel much better :D

    • Thanks so much... I feel miserably sad... I honestly feel like I have so much to offer but I just can't seem to find anyone who truly appreciates me...
      Thanks for the perspective though... You are right...

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  • I think your expectations are just fine I think you should just cut your losses and hang in there form the right person to come by, hope I helped

    • Thanks... He just asked me for the second time to add him to my benefits while I'm still hurt over him not making any effort to see me (although for now he's promising Friday but it's hard to believe that at this moment)... I can't help but feel used... I can actually feel my heart breaking... I think you are right but I don't know if I'll be able to cut this off right away...
      Thanks though...

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  • he's playing with you he's not serious you're not the 1st round pick sorry

    • Sad to hear but thanks for the truth

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