Im an attractive swm living in the south (Knoxville, Tn); how can I meet and how should I approach an attractive black woman?

Long story short, with the exception of college (which I have already graduated) there aren't many opportunities to meet attractive black women where I live. I dont like bars or meeting women in this type of venue. Other than online dating, any suggestions? I should alsoention that I haven't dated in over two years and have spent those recovering from a relationship.


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  • When you see them approach them like how you would approach any other woman.


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  • You going have to go to bars to franking honest, especially if you looking for just black women. You can also try going to a venue that plays Jazz in the evening or one of those poetic events.

    (i'm a black women myself and I don't hang out in any of those venues i mention above but my friends who are single and black do)

  • Most black women can't stand white men. Maybe try a Hispanic or Asian.


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