Was dumped by someone I was deeply in love with. Is it ok to go on random dates just to get my self esteem back?

Note. .. Here guys don't pay for stuff. We split so I wouldn't be exploiting anyone.

Three guys have asked me to go out this week. I'm not interested in them but it would be good for me to go out with them I guess.
One is interesting and smart but not attractive. The other just wants to have sex and is good looking. The other. ... Well he's a nice person but we hooked up and the sex was bad. So maybe I should just avoid this one.

How unfair is it for them if I just go on a date with them to entertain myself?


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  • Not unfair at all, guys do it to. If it helps you get your mojo back, then go ahead. I don't think anyone has the right to say whether its right or wrong.


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  • Casual dating is fine, enjoy it.


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  • I wouldn't do it. Your just going to lead them on and you won't feel good about it. It is best to take the time and get over this guy first. However by all means get dressed up and go out with a couple girlfriends and flirt a little. It is ok to have fun just I wouldn't date until your are ready and only when it feels right.

  • I would say it's not okay, because you're just giving those guys hope where there is none. It's best not to lead them on.