What are the signs to look for to know if a girl is interested or not?

i am always thinking does that girl likes me back or not


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  • she also might try the tactic of ignoring you when you're around to see if you react or respond or try to get her attention. generally she will be different towards you whether in a positive or negative light. when i like someone i can't stop smiling while theyre talking or i find it very hard to not smile its kind of embarassing. try flirting a bit and if she gets flustered you can definitely tell. say her name in a crowded area and if her head snaps immediately to you she likes you. or if she hears your name called and her head snaps up is also a pretty good sign. you just need to see the way tht she reacts. she may constantly check your appearance while your around. and finally, believe it or not a girl and her friends will talk about you while you're just on the other side of the room because guys dont typically notice, so watch her body language when she's talking to her friends. are they giggling and shooting shy glances your way? :D hope this helped

    • it helped thanks but i want to ask you is it about looks? be honest please

    • all girls like different things in guys i wish i could tell you, but I don't know how the girl you're interested in thinks. i do know that if you really connect with a girl with an emotional level and truly make her feel special it won't even cross her mind

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  • Good rule of thumb: if she becomes really comfortable around you and/or opens up, and tries to spend time with you, she might like you.

  • If she responds to your messages. Or try asking her out! You'd know. But subtle hints and signs could mean nothing. Still, the best way is to ask. Haha!

    • i am so afraid of rejection

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    • Nothing will happen if you continue thinking that way.

    • lol sorry for transmitting my negative energy to you but i am the depressed realistic type of guy

  • When I like a guy, I always act awkward and nervous around him and don't know what to say or do. My face probably gets red, too. That's probably just me though. haha


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