My boyfriend is a terrible kisser, help!!?

We've only been dating for a couple weeks (I'm in high school). He kissed me at our school bonfire but the big problem here is that he kisses like an 80 year old blind guy. We both agreed the kiss was terrible. I thought maybe it was just unlucky, but soon after, his ex informed me that he is indeed a terrible kisser. He wanted to do it again at our Homecoming but I refused. Should I avoid his sluggish lips forevermore or teach him how it's done?


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  • I would definitely say you need to teach him! He is probably dead embarrassed as you both agreed it was a shit kiss and it has probably happened to him before!

    If my first boyfriend didn't teach me how to kiss I don't think just would have ever been able to kiss properly. I'm grateful that he taught me, and we're still on good terms. Relationships are about making each other better people and enjoying each other's company. You can make him better by teaching him to kiss and then you'll enjoy his company.

    Hope I helped! :)

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  • You , or someone has to teach this guy. It's difficult to imagine a 90 year old Blind boy, but I suppose it's a good explanation. I believe you only become good by practice so the guy can't have had much help in the past. This is an opportunity to mold they guy to deliver exactly what you like. Be patient and just tell him what you like and what is right. If he cares he will want to learn quickly. I think if you talk to him and agree on solving this you can fix it in a short time. Be gentle with him, his ego must be taking a battering?

  • If you care about him, go through the ropes with him. Make it fun. If you don't care about him, then why is he even your boyfriend?

    • I care about him. I just don't want things to be awkward.

    • You obviously aren't comfortable enough around him yet if you're worried about that. Maybe slow things down and be a little less serious.

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