Just found out my new girlfriend is old long time friend with my most reason ex. Please kill me before the awkwardness does?

Okay so this girl just moved here into student housing so when I met her I offended to show her around town, but she told me she already knew the area because she was born and raised here before her family moved to be closer to family. Well anyway we started talking and hanging out and eventually started dating. So today she calls me to say she ran into an old friend she hadn't seen or spoken to since she moved and invited me to come me her and I agreed. When I get to the mall that is about a ten minute walk from the campus I find that her old friend was my most recent ex and let's just say our break up didn't end on good terms. I can't exactly ask her not to hang out with her friend because they knew each long before I was around.

-_- It's things like this that make me think that my life is a poorly written comedy. Anyone want to kill me before this recent development does?


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  • There's not much you can really do without coming off selfish or jealous unless she does something awkward or mean or rude or whatever towards her or you now. I mean you can tell her ey she's my ex we left on really bad terms and I don't want to deal with that drama with you and her and have problems in the future and maybe she will understand but she might be a little annoyed and think you're being selfish since nothing has been done by her.

    I would just suggest to tell her that she's your ex and that there was a lot of drama when you guys broke up and that you just wanted to let her know that you don't want to mess up the friendship between them but you don't really want to be involved with your ex as it's awkward and uncomfortable. If you say that she should understand and she most likely won't get rid of your ex out of her life but if she wants to be committed to you she will likely pick you over her most of the time and try to keep her away to avoid drama between you two.

    • I feel I'm fucked no matter what I do.

    • Well just tell her what I said or how you actually feel and tell her you don't want to ruin the friendship just if things get out of hand she has to go and that you don't really want to be around her much as it's awkward as I said that's not being selfish or anything it's just avoiding drama which anybody in the right mind wants to do and she should understand that.

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  • I agree with @Mr187canada you really need to tell her. ASAP. Sooner and later your ex will probably tell her about you (accidently it might slip out from her mouth), try imagine what she feels if you don't tell her. If I was her, I would feel really disappointed and upset because it's as if I'm not important enough for you to tell me

    • She already knows it's going to really suck dealing with this.

    • Really sorry for the late reply, how did it go?

    • I think you should start by telling the truth, best if you don't leave out any single details. It might look insignificant in your eyes but I bet your gf will think otherwise.

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  • Ok kill you? Uh first, I'll beat you, stone you, rip open your intestines put you on a stake and burn you to death, the most grusome way to die and avoid awkwardness.

    • Wouldn't a bullet to the head be easier? Plus there are way more gruesome ways to die.

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    • Hmmm... Nah I don't have time to read it. Just give me whatever is the quickest.

    • Ok sawed off shotgun it is! Waiter, order up!