What is her opinion of me?

Went on a couple of dates... Asked her out for my bday dinner. She was sooo happy. Asked her out during weekend, she said sure. But on the day of the date a couple of hours before the date she send me a long text explaining that she felt really sick etc and that she felt really bad cancelling on me etc. So today, I decided to invite my friends including her roommate to a bar since its my bday, I didn't invite her. Her roommate told me why I didn't invite her sooner so that she could invite her roommate. Anyways, her roommate invited her and she came!! She and her roommate was clearing talking something about me, very quietly thought. She kept telling me to take shots with her. And on our way home she walked with me vey closely all the way back. So was that cancel a legit excuse? And does she like me?


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  • i would say she must be interested in some way yes. hangout more and see where it goes


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