Someone has a crush on me not sure which lady Gager it is?

This dude seems to be grilling me for Info left and right in messages on which girl I like on this site and so on. So will my True lady crush please stand up?


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    • Ace like a dick somewhere else son!

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    • and people don't like my comment that's why it has the most likes on your thread right? lol what are you trying to prove? You insult me over and over again and all I state is facts and you get more mad and it's funny as hell that you just keep insulting me with your immature comments that little ten year old say such as "nerd" and "outcast" you're the little man here that hasn't grown up yet. I am done with you because clearly you got nothing better to do and for a 36 to 45 year old arguing with a 22 year old on the internet is quite fucking sad actually and you're bitching at me about being bullied my whole life and so forth wow that's such a clever thing to say to someone over the internet and very mature of someone over 35 years old.

    • Please your a clown and people should see your profile and they will laugh at you. Oh so what you got some up votes most of these people don't even read it and just fly through it and prob up voted you because of the star track pic, plus there is no one hardly in here. Its funny how you talk about me insulting you knowing your the one that brought this BS to my thread and you tried to insult me but you failed and I just brought the heat back to you and now you run away. What does age have to do with this anyway? You want to challenge an adult then you get spanked its as simple as that.

  • Really? Someone on GAG is attracted to you? WOW! To each their own.

  • It's so obvious. Can't you see?

    He's asking you questions about which chick you dig hoping that you will finally admit to him your homosexual tendencies, because he's the one with a crush on you.

    Cliff Notes:
    The dude grilling you wants your penis in and around his mouth.

    • I don't think so because of who he follows and the chick is following me. A girl is asking him to ask me all this stuff. But since your gay yourself I might send you over to love your time. Have fun pal

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  • Can it be a guy too doe