I like a guy who has a girlfriend?

This guy has a long distance girlfriend that's probably not serious. He flirts with me quite a bit, and occasionally starts the conversations. Al though he sometimes uploads photos of them together on social media, even if we're talking. He knows I see them. I've known him for a while and we've been talking on and of for months, I said something to him about 2 months ago and he agreed to stop talking to me, because I told him it's not the smartest thing that were talking while he has a girlfriend. He got in touch with me again, then I was the last one to reply and we haven't spoken in about a month. He always looks at my snapchat stories and even screenshots if they're of me. I kind of like him.


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  • Yeah... But he haves a girl friend. If you had a boy friend would you like to know that a girl beside you is really intrested in him?

    Maybe he haves a long distance relationship but if he keeps in it it´s because he sees a future with that girl that is far away from him. Not just because is far relationship means that is not serious. Love haves no limits or borders more than those created by the mind.

  • Has a girlfriend. Do not get involved. Find someone who is not in a difficult situation.


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