Why the cold shoulder and should I just let it go?

She chased me hard at first. We went on a date, it didn't go as well. We go to uni together so see each other a bit. Yet she is hot and cold. The other day I walked past her in the office and gave her a hey and a massage; plopped my head on hers basically teasing her and having some fun and she loved it.

Yet later on, I get the cold shoulder. Maybe I'll bump into her and say hi and she may say hi back or just walk away to join her friends. Or she may see me but just ignore me or don't even look back when I say good bye to her. This is the girl that was at first blowing up my phone with messages, asking me out and playing with her hair as she talked to me - in essence, every sign was there.

Now I have been trying to think have I done anything wrong and I'll outline it below;
-I'm very popular at uni particularly with woman so whenever I'm found, I'll usually be talking to a girl or just having fun and laughing
-I'm not much a texter so sometimes it may take hours to reply; other times I may reply within the minute

Do you think the above may be causing this? It's weird as I'm pretty sure she 'friendzoned' me so I don't know why I'm recieving the cold shoulder (shouldn't it be the other way around?). I mean everyone loves me at uni as that affable friendly guy but this one girl is doing my head in.

At the same time we are in a super stressful time where exams are approaching and this is the peak year in our degree where we're thrown everything at us and have a lot on our plate.

  • Yes, let it go and wait til she comes back to you
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  • You should definitely chat to her in person and see what's up. She could be messing with you or think you're playing her.


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