Does he even want to be with me forever?

My bf and I have been dating for a little over a year. I moved in with him shortly after dating. He told me he loved me about 2 weeks after dating. He tried getting with me about 4 months before dating but I didn't want a relationship right away. But then I fell for him. He is the first one who told me he wanted to be with me forever and someday have a kid with me. But now that I tell him I wanna settle down and have a kid before I'm 25 which I'm 23 now. For example a few nights ago I said I wanted to be with him forever. He didn't say anything. Which made me wonder. So I asked him the next day about it and why he didn't say anything. And he said something along the lines of I've told you a billion times I wanted to be with you forever. And sometimes I'd say oh u just say that now so then I stick around for however long u wanna date me. I am insecure and have trust issues due to my past. But I just don't know why he doesn't say it back like he use to when I do say It now. Does he not want to be with me forever anymore? Or is he just getting tired of telling me over and over again he wants to be with me forever?

  • He doesn't want to be with me forever anymore
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  • He wants to be with me forever but he just is getting tired of saying it over and over again
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  • He wants to be with you. But maybe when he heard you say you wanted too be with him forever and you wanted to settle down, reality hit him and he realized he was committing himself to you and you alone. Give him some time and ask him if he really wants to be with you!!!<3


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  • One thing young lady is this: you need to really focus on your future. Dont worry about having babies right now because that usually breaks young people apart faster than anything else. Also, secondly, stop saying be with him forever. That sounds like a 6 yr old person with out of reach dreams. Be realistic and dont say forever, say serious relationship. If he is not responding the way he used to more than likely his emotions towards you may have changed so what you need to do at this point is pull back a bit and see if he starts showing more emotion and passion. If he doesn't then that means he more than likely changed his feelings, guys/girls can do that. You are too young to have kids before 25 this isn't the 50's anymore. You are not too young to gain a solid career in something and meet a man with the same and start a family from there. but at least finish being a kid yourself

  • If you keep bugging him about being with you forever he will walk away leave it alone.


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