I love you - to say or not to say?

My boyfriend seems super shy.. he acts like he cares a lot but never says how he feels. I want to tell him I love him.. do I wait? Do I just become lovey? We pretty much live together even though we have only been dating 3 months. I dont' think we have spent a day apart since we met 5 months ago...


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  • YOU Must encourage him, while making love,


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  • Sat it! Dont go in with expectations. Expecting him to say it back or you may be disappointed. Tell him how you feel. Its okay to love someone and be honest with them. Guys like affirmation, it strokes their ego. In my opinion and past relations. lol.

    He probably is to afraid to say it first, so Go for it.

    Love freely. Love openly and Love Honestly. It's better than holding back.