This girl im seeing calls me baby and it feels weird.. Am I overreacting?

This girl im seeing calls me baby and it feels weird.. Am i overreacting?


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  • no you are not overreacting. You probably use the term differnetly than she does.

    The term means different things to different people.

    I personally only call my boyfriend that, and I am the only one he calls that. So to us, baby is what you call someone you are very affecionate towards and attached to, the one you see as special. We always refer to eachother as baby and hardly ever use our real names. To us, it would seem that she sees you as her boyfreind

    one of my girl friends who is single calls every guy that she talks to baby. She sees it as a way of just being flirty and letting the guy know that she is attracted to him. It doesn't really mean that the guy she calls baby is special to her. To her, she would say that the girl is just being flirty.

    if a guy called me baby and he is not my boyfriend, i would say " i am not your baby"

    if a guy called my friend baby and he is not her boyfriend, if she thought he was attractive and wanted attention from him she would strike up a conversation with him and flirt back but if she didn't think he was attractive and didn't want to be bothered by him she would say "i am not your baby"

    • I should be flattered but I feel like a child

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    • yes I'm just as flirty I like her

    • we are dating each other

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  • Amongst the obvious names like darling and sweetheart I quite often call my husband babe or baby.

    It always seems to put a smile on his face... But there again he always has this lovely smile throughout the time we're together. :)

    • I have a nice smile too

    • Well good for you, that's a start already. :)

      So, where's the weirdness then? :)

  • alice deejay - don't call me baby

  • I feel like I know you, because I call the guy I'm seeing baby and when I asked him if it was ok he said he had no problem with it

    • No you dont know me.. Are you dating an old man

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    • You going to throw a temper tantrum now?

    • what are you talking about

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  • Yes. You already knew that.

    • what do you mean I already knew that

    • I simply don't know how to rephrase such a simple statement in any easier way. A child of 3 could understand that sentence.

    • you are the three year old. If I already knew why would I be asking

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