Is it me? Or is he cheating?

OK I've been with my boyfriend for 7 years. throughout the seven years I've been a friend on his Facebook for maybe 2 months at a time then he would block me and delete me as a friend. He says that Facebook is a social network and girlfriend and boyfriend should not be on Facebook as friends. When I went on his Facebook page from a friend of mine's page just to see what type of mess he has on his page. I've noticed that he has a bunch of trashy females that have no clothes on and he's commenting on everybody's page like he's a single man. Now my question is why would a man that is in a committed relationship with 3 children need to have this type of when he's already in a relationship? I just had our third child 6 weeks ago and he just added me as a friend on Facebook after 6 years and I questioned him about the comments that he made to multiple girls pages (mind you the girls are not strangers he either date of them are just f****d them before) his response "He's grown and its just Facebook"! I feel no REAL man that really loves his woman would do this. Am I wrong?


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  • They say that the first reaction is normally the correct one. He is definitely cheating. Even if you think about other girls, you are not being true to your partner. You are definitely not wrong to have your suspicions and unfortunately, they are not suspicions. He does not sound as if he respects you and I would encourage you to leave him. I know it would be hard as a single mum but I think being a single mum and doing it tough would be better than being with a total douchebag like him. I will pray for you so that God can give you an idea of what to do. Good luck with everything x

    • Yea things are getting really bad we just got in a crazy argument just now and I'm noticing its him. Thanks for the advice.

    • Thank you for the Most Helpful Opinion!! xx

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  • No your not wrong you have a right to know what's going and if he can't say then there is something he is definitely hiding from you

    • I always wondered why he would be so quick to break up with me over his Facebook. And if I comment on his page to one of the girls he'll delete my comment and yell at me about it.

  • this dude is a douche. I don't think this is enough to leave him but it definanly is enough to put him on really thin ice. he clearly does not respect you and you need to demand that he does or else he will cheat if he has't already

    • If I mention anything like I'll leave or you need to choose he will say he's not changing his friends or stop commenting on these girls pics SMH its sad

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    • I've thrown it in his face that I would and he didn't care so now I'll try it.

    • im feeling like u should leave this guy but it's on you. this may stop him or make him hide it more

  • how about you just chill out and realize he's pretty committed to you with the whole three kids thing and he's just living in juvenile fantasy like a p**** and so don't worry about it


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  • Even if he's not cheating he's a total asshole. I've added random classmates I don't know from a bucket of paint on Facebook or distant relatives I met once when I was 3 years old and he won't add his GIRLFRIEND?


    • It took years and if I mention him in a comment I get the whole I'm petty speach because I'm trying let people know who I am... SMH I'm like that's not the case I just wanted to tag you.. he delets it I have to get permission first

    • Yeah not cool at all

  • Uea that doesn't sound okay. my husband glut a Facebook about a year ago, and we have always been"friends"on it. He has likes pages like maxium and suicide girls, so i know he looks at "boobie pics" but it isn't anyone he personally knows. I think your partner is being very disrespectful to you.

    • Yea I mean guys will like suff like that so I get that but not females you know physically

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