Do girls ever tell a guy they're dating that they got serious with someone else just because they don't want to date him anymore?

A girl I was dating/kissing texted me today to cancel a date because she just got serious with someone else. The same thing happened with a girl I was dating a month ago. I suspect this has more to do with me than the fact that another guy is in the picture. Do girls often do this just to blow a guy off?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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  • This is gonna sound harsh but its the truth: It could honestly be either one... or both. She could've felt that you guys didn't connect, so she lied and told you that to prevent hurt feelings. Or she really WAS dating another guy... and then picked him over you, because you and her didn't have as good of a connection. Or she could've just got back with an ex or something. But either way you look at it, she wasn't the one for you. Move along <3

  • if this happen then i think maybe they're telling the truth , but i dont know for sure but cause it is a nice way to blow a guy off but i think they're telling the truth


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