Does this guy want to be just friends, a hook up or more?

We were friends back in the day and I saw him at our old school about a month or so ago. I ended up getting in touch with him via Facebook just to say it was good to see him. We ended up chatting for awhile on there. He then gave me his number, which I was not expecting, but nevertheless, it happened.

We had been contacting each other through text, and he would comment on all of my Facebook things (not that that's major, but he never did that before).

He came have a few beers with me this past weekend and we had so much fun! Nothing sexual happened, whatsoever. But, now he's been getting in touch with me so much more. He told me he wants to come see me again on Friday night. I told him it's Halloween but he isn't worried about that.

He has been flirting pretty hard and teasing me with pictures, texts, etc.

My thing is, he just got out of a 6 year relationship about two months ago. He's not someone I would have EVER pictured myself with, and maybe I'm jumping the gun but he's been wanting to spend so much time with me lately, whereas before, he never showed me the time of day. What do you think is going on? And what do I need to do about it? Haha


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  • he wants to take his penis and put it in your vagina if that grosses you out tell him now before he gets weird otherwise f*** it just ask him over later tonight

    • No it doesn't gross me out. Lol but as of last night and today he's been being super distant. I haven't heard from him at all. I texted him this morning, it said that he read the message but he never answered back, which is weird. Cause he'll answer me when he's at work. And lately I feel that I'm being too aggressive when it comes to the flirting. I don't want him to think that all I want is sex with him. Some guys have told me that a girl who's too aggressive isn't attractive so I think I'm going to back off a little with that.

    • Fuck those guys I like women who know what they want so just throw the gauntlet down and go for it ask to your place and screw his brains out have fun!

    • Ooh looks like somebody had some fun thanks for the mho

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  • i believe he likes you and ask him straight. that's how thngs should work

    • I'm too scared to ask him. Lol I wouldn't even know how to ask.

  • Well it's pretty obvious that he likes you. If you like him then just let him do his thing. Don't worry about his previous relationship. If you don't like him then you need to sit down with him and make it clear

    • I do like him. A lot. But I know how he is/was. He was always the player type. I know people grow up but because that's all I know, I'm skeptical. I wanna take this further. I wanna know what I can do to not be over the top but get my point across.

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