Seeing two guys at once but not exclusive with either should I feel guilty? Should I wait for one to bring up exclusivity instead choose myself?

I'm in a tough place right now. I started seeing guy #1 4 months ago we were head over heels for about 2 1/2 months and then he found out he was deploying and he pulled away. About a week ago he got really upset and told me I wasn't what he was looking for almost but not quite and told me to go on dates I agreed and I did. 3 days ago he messages me saying he wanted to see me that " he could see someone else but he rather see me" and I said we should see other people he said you did last night but I didn't I was at home alone he was upset I just gave him what he wanted. We talked about it and he apologized and said he wasn't seeing anyone but saying he would rather see me than go to a bar is what he meant then he said he found out he might be on the bench again to deploy to new jersey and then again if someone gets sick hurt etc. I stayed the night it was like the first months we were talking again but I still feel like i need to be cautious. He has not brought up exclusivity and does not tell me what he wants

guy # 2 I met him on tinder yes I know about a week or so ago he is a gentleman as guy #1 is also he tells me I'm beautiful just like guy #1 I'm feeling him out we drank together and I held out but I couldn't last night we used protection and I left. He text me saying sorry he fell asleep try to wake him up and he was dead sleep so i left. I actually met him before at this guy I attempted to likes house.

Should I feel guilty I kind of do but guy #1 pulled away a lot and came back and his mind is all over the place because of the army I told him i would always have his back and he says to me he has been lied to and twisted and took it out on me he will be deployed until next September/octoberish. I have not lied to him or twisted him around. Should I feel guilty Im not exclusive with either yet don't know if i will be im being responsible and protecting myself. Guy # 1 doesn't ever want us to stop talking he says ;-/ HELP!


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  • I had a similar situation earlier this year and both were from tinder. Don't feel bad unless you have that conversation with one of them. The point of dating is to find out who is right for you. When you decide who is better for you, then you could bring it up

    • So. tell me the story who did you pick and why?

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