What am I going to do with this guy?

This is quite a story but I'm so confused right now I need someone's opinion on it besides my friends'.

There's this guy I started talking to through Facebook a few months ago. Sure enough he asked for my phone number and we texted and found out there's a lot we have in common. He told me he and his ex were over but he hadn't quite moved on yet, though he was already sort of seeing some other girl. I thought it was a laugh when he asked me on a date, because I told him I had never been on one. That evening we ran into the girl he was seeing and damn, awkward as fuck. He told me that night that he wasn't really in love with her and that she's actually not his type at all and it was going too fast for him.

So okay, he wanted to go on a second date. I rejected and told him that I wouldn't date someone who was already seeing someone AND wasn't quite over his ex yet. Suddenly a few days later we hung out and he told me that the thing he had with the girl was burning out. Then he kissed me. Since that night we've been hanging out and everytime we've been acting like a couple and we've been kissing and cuddling so much, it gets really intense. But still we say we're just friends.

I know he doesn't want to be in a serious relationship and for now I'm OK with that. But then he told me that a week ago he kissed the girl before me again. I can't help feel selfconcious and not-special, not only because he's kissing a different girl. But also because he's already had his first big love and he has already done everything while I've never had something ever with a guy. I don't want to claim him but I don't want him to kiss other girls either. Now don't tell me to just tell him because he already knows by the reaction I had.

I just don't know what to do. Should I stop "this" before I get hurt. Or should I just go with it and hope it turns into something?

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  • stop this i think that guy is confused


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