My boyfriend's brother is jealous of us?

I had been friends with a guy named Jake for a year or something and I even liked him within that year, summervacation started and everything changed though, long story short: we're not friends anymore. We don't hang out, we nearly talk. I don't really like him as a person anymore and I easily get annoyed around him. Anyway, a couple of months back I started dating his brother Troy and now Jake is actig like a total douche. I have been told Jake used to like me as well so maybe he's jealous but how do I solve this? I don't want him to pressure us, it bothers me.


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  • He's jealous and his brother broke guy-code. He's probably extremely hurt. How would you feel if you liked someone and hungout with someone for a year and then months later your sister is dating him? I think only time can solve this. There's nothing you can really do. Hopefully jack finds a girl soon and gets over it.