What do you do when your girlfriend is acting awkward around you after a kiss?

I have a girlfriend we have been dating for 6 months, which i need an idea for a date (not the point), and we kissed at homecoming. After homecoming she told her friends that it was awkward, and I personal thought sparks flew. I asked her what she thought about the kiss and she said it was FINE with her. What does that mean? And now when i hug her she moves to the right and keeps walking slowing, but still a hug. On another note, when me and this other guy are in a room, doing the same thing, she will walk to him and ask him what he is doing instead of me. Is that weird?

by the way this was both of our first kiss we are both 15

Please respond with any questions or comments you have on this. I am just looking for whether or not she is avoiding me, doesn't like me and i should break up with her, or i should do something else. Please help


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  • Sounds like she's not really interested into hugging or kissing. I understand you're 15 but when your girlfriend goes around telling her friends she didn't like her first kiss and tells you it's "FINE" normally means she's not happy about it. And than add the fact that she now wants to basically avoid hugs and acts awkward while doing it and tries to avoid it just sums it up that she's either distance or losing interest or doesn't want to actually date or take the steps into dating such as kissing and so forth.

    You are both young so maybe she's just not ready to start kissing and so forth maybe she's worried it will lead to sex who really knows she could also just not want to really be with you anymore there's loads of possibilities.

    If I were you I would speak to her about what she's been doing and tell her that you were told that she said that the kiss was awkward and you want to know why, you're better to not stand around and just wait it out and instead ASK whats going on and keep asking until you get a actually answer. Explain to her that you don't want to keep doing this and worry about these problems that will keep happening if it's not explained why they're happening.

    Hopefully you will get your answer it's hard when you're dating as a young teenager though and normally games are everywhere and no experience and not sure what to do and so forth feelings. So best thing I say to do is ask and keep asking till you get a actual answer on the problems you're worried about and if she doesn't want to do that than explain if she can't do that than you're going to keep worrying and feel more distance which will cause more problems down the road.

    I wouldn't break up with her though over this not first at least trying to get her to explain herself and communicate over it if she doesn't want to and keeps acting like she has after you confronted her than it would be a good time to tell her it has to stop she has to admit whats wrong or it's over.

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