Is rejecting me or am I overanalyzing?


Met girl, seemed interested, asked her out but she said she was too "busy" but counter offered another time. I told her I'd get back to her mid-week about the date.

Before mid-week, I texted her a normal and kinda bland "Hey, how was your weekend" text which she hasn't responded to AT ALL.

Is she rejecting me? Should I still contact her about the date or is she already giving me signs of rejection?


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  • I'd give it another shot and contact her about the date. If she doesn't respond, then stop trying. Or if she blows you off, let her know the balls in court and for HER to let you know when is good for a date.

    • Well, she did let me know. I asked her out, she said "No, I'm too busy this week, but next weekend is perfect!" I said I'd get back to her with time and place mid-week, so everything was cool until I decided to ask her about her weekend. She usually responds, but this time she has completely ignored that text.

    • Sorry if i'm reading this wrong but you have or haven't set an time and day? If you have set a day, wait for that day and shoot her a text about your plans. If you haven't set a time and day, depending on how long you haven't had contact with her, just try to text her again with the details and see what she says.

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  • She is showing you that she has other priorities and more important things to do than to talk to you. The point is for you to chase her and she will get bored and think you are inferior and call you whenever SHE needs you.


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  • Please don't jump into any conclusions because of a damn TEXT. Talk to her face to face if you see her again. If she is rejecting you, then look at the bright side, you saved your money.
    P. S. If you see her again don't start talking about the date you both are going to have. She knows but I don't know; girls like to act careless and forgetting stuff.