Does he like me? I have a crush on him help?

Im 15 and in high school, if a guy comes towards me I'm ok talking but if I have to talk to him I'm all shy and don't know what to say. There this guy that I have a crush in and he's a year older. My friend has a crush on his friend. In order for me to get to my class I have to walk by his locker and my friends encourage me to say something but being who I am I was to shy.
I look at him when he was at his locker and my friend was talking to me so once when I walked by she said he was staring at me. One time for my class I had to do a presentation and I had to wear this really cute dress. At the end if school I was still wearing the dress and me and my friend were walking down the stairs and we saw "them" so my friend called his friends and said hey. Once when his friend saw me he started to hit my crush saying "dude dude look DUDE LOOK" and he finally looked and he was full out looking at me and told me I looked pretty.
Another time is when I was in the hallway with a bunch of my friends and both of them are in the basketball team. His friend went to get a drink of water when we were walking by and my friend asked where is my crush and he said joking though, he pointed at me and probably headed toward her house.
I'm shy when it comes to guys so I any idea how to talk to him or a conversation starter? And do u think he might like me?
Or how to get the courage to walk up to him and talk?


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  • It seems as if he likes you also, so why not when your friend is talking to his talk to him? Introduce yourself and go from there. Give him your number and go from there...

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