Why do boyfriends try to make there girlfriends jealous?

My boyfriend is trying to make me jealous I think. When im not with him I get snapchats of him drinking and such. He doesn't text me as much because he knows it pisses me off when he takes 2 hours to reply. Why is he doing this?

what are some ways to get back at him to not be taken for granted? like what would irritate a guy?


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  • He obviously doesn't love you i can tell u that. Any man that has feelings for someone wouldn't jeopardize their relationship for stupid shit. Now i wouldn't get jealous of him drinking but i would if he's around girls or being flirtatious or overly friendly. If it takes him 2 hours to reply i wouldn't take him seriously at all. this isn't the 1990's with landline phones anymore. it takes 1-2 mins to reply. u need to watch your feelings for him, i dont think he's serious about you


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  • What are you 12? did he steal your favorite toy? You just grow the f*** up and stop being so insecure

  • sounds like he is being and immature prick. dump him and find a more mature guy

  • Because girls get bored easily.

  • sounds like he doesn't like you that much

    • He says he loves me in wants to marry me and such. he's just been doing this the past week he said he's been stressed out with work and such. But why take it out on me?

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    • I mean I don't know how to handle it!

    • This guy is playing you for a fool. He's just telling you what you want to hear and you fell for it. Leave him that's how to handle it

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  • Babe not being mean.. If he's acting like this, he isn't that into u.. If he loves u and wants to marry you he wouldn't be going out of his way to hurt/annoy u..

    If he's stressed at work why go out and not speak to u.. He might be stressed he's well able to organise nights out and is well able to show u he's out...
    Why isn't he able to speak to u or show u respect...

    • Id honestly advise you to end your relationship hun.. No one should be given the right to treat you like that

    • He says he doesn't like texting and I know he doesnt. When I'm with him everythings fine. I might jsut be overthinking this I dont know

    • When ye are together and everything is ok, you should have a talk with him.. Just tell him how your feeling and ask him how he is feeling.. Just explain your not saying he shouldn't go out, just tell him your feeling abit insecure about things..
      If it helps blame it on being emotional..
      But before you say anything make sure the mood is good.. Even kind of joke about it.. But even putting it in a fun way, don't hold back from what you want to say..
      If he truly loves you.. He won't mind you bringing it.. If he starts a fight over it or gets really moody.. You know what to do hun