I want to switch boyfriends?

Ok so my friend was dating a guy and his best friend asked me to homecoming. We ended up not going together, her and her bf broke up, he asked ME out and then she took my homecoming date, and is now dating him. So basically, we switched. Problem is, I still really like the one guy (her current bf). Is it possible we could switch AGAIN? I was never actually dating him.


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  • If you stop thinking that spending time with a guy, even on a date, requires a committed romantic relationship then this isn't an issue. Why not just go out with the guys who ask you out, and worry about exclusivity when you find a man with whom you could have a future? That is a better way to date than baseless serial monogamy.

  • how can this even happen? O. o

  • No law against it, do what you like.

  • I don't how about throw a good old fashioned orgy, let me know how it goes


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  • No, not seeing a switcheroo now, turtlebubblez, he is one who seems to like her but if you ask her about her broke up boyfriend, you might be able to grab him for a first dance to Homecoming.
    Being you and him didn't put anything together, she saw an Out and snatched it from you. It's not fair to ask her to hand him over, but as I say, check with her with the other guy who Used to be her boyfriend---The man who got away and may still be up for grabs for the dance.
    Good luck. xx

  • Aren't you a little old for homecoming?

    • Lol well I thought it wouldn't let me have an account if I said I was under 18.