How to approach a guy who seems interested but too shy to ask for my number?

I've never in my life approached a man first, but I'm not opposed to it. I'm just shy.
Today I met a guy who was very attractive and I can tell he was interested in me but it would've been awkward for him to ask me for my number (my mom was there lol) So I wanted to say something, but didn't know where to start. What would I say without coming off... unlady-like?
As much as guys on here welcome women being the aggressor, I've heard a lot of guys make fun of it when in happens in real life. So can a guy please tell me a REALISTIC way to do this without looking desperate.


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  • If your really just met a guy and wanted to give him his number, but you had no idea what you had in common with him, and were unable to come up with an excuse, I can think of only one way to do it.

    Scribble your phone number and first name on a piece of crumpled paper and slip it into his hand with a handshake as you leave, probably saying "It was nice to meet you!" while giving the pretties smile you can manage.

    If the guy had any interest in you whatsoever, he'd be unable to restrain himself from either calling or texting you later, and then you could laugh it off and explain how it was the best plan you could muster to give him the chance of getting to know you better.

    If a girl did that to me, I'd totally text her at least long enough to thank her for the consideration, unless I was in a relationship already, in which case I'd just be a little flattered and then move on.

    • I actually thought about that.. it seemed like the most natural way to do it while still not looking too aggressive. It also seemed like the only appraoch I could recover from if he brought it up later lol... Thank you

    • Hahah, no problem! Yeah, notes are cute, and it leaves no pressure on his part cause he gets to take all the time he wants to decide if he wants to respond and let you have his number.

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  • To me? Once away from your mom, I'd say, "Hey, think we could hang out again?" And that's a good segue to exchange numbers to keep in contact :) Just make sure you keep it neutral, because right now, you just want to know the guy better rather than immediately pursuing him romantically.

    • So if you had a brief run in with a woman, and she flat out walked over and said "... Hey, think we can hang out again?"... that wouldn't be kinda... weird? Almost needy/creepy?

    • As long as we both had fun spending time together :) It's not like she'd be asking for all my contact info, demanding we keep in contact every single day, and asking how many children I would like to have.

      Granted, some guys MIGHT interpret it how you fear, but I think that they would be in the far minority. You might be overthinking this, Brit :)

    • LOL ahhh you're right... I have a tendency to overthink stuff xD

  • You can be blunt about it. The only way you come off looking unladylike would be if you were overtly sexual about it.
    You said you were hiking, so you have said that you are there a lot and alluded to when you were there. Like, "Yeah, My dog and I come out here about this time every weekend." Something like that and he'll make it a point to say that maybe he'll see you around, which he will if he's interested.
    Then you can exchange phone numbers sooner rather than later.
    Anyway, I wanted to emphasize the point that you probably won't come off negatively.

  • Once this girl asked me for my number and it happened somewhat like this.. We were talking and somehow dubai came to the conversation and she went like whenever you plan to go to dubai again don't forget to meet me.. here's my number just let me know when and where you'll be in dubai! So I think you can just randomly bring a topic which has mutual interest and while you'r talking just give him your number.. It won't be awkward and it'll eventually break the ice :)

    • OoOoOohhhhh that's a good one! I was hiking with my dog, and my dog stopped because he was too tired so I had to carry him. The guy was walking nearby behind me and joked a but with me about my dog, then he offered to carry it for me. I said it's ok, and he insisted on it lol... then we reached the top of the hill and within 2 mins his friends dragged him away. Bummer. I shouldve told him that I go there a lot and suggested he give me a call if he ever comes back... or something along those lines..

    • Ahan smart move ;)

  • ok u can go and ask him to hangout but font be like hey iam (your name) would u like to hangout! , no dont do that.
    introduce yor self and make happy time with him ask about him and his daily life
    and ask him for his number

    but if u want him to approach u u have to wait

  • How would you want a guy to approach you?

    Just introduce yourself (if you didn't get that far when meeting him) and ask him to get coffee or something some time.

    Guys aren't going to view you as unlady-like or desperate. I don't know why girls get so scared. You said you could already tell he was interested. Half the work is done for you.

    • Well that's the thing... because he didn't actually ask me for my number, I can't be SURE he was interested. And with that in mind, it's hard to build up the nerve to then approach him lol..
      Also, I have a lot of guy friends, and while they don't necessarily say anything BAD about women aggressors, they definitely make it a point to alwayssss bring up the fact that SHE initiated everything to us. I would hate that if I was that girl...

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    • Now let's discuss the flip side to that... You know when women get all awkward because a guy that they weren't really into approached them? And then the girl goes and tells her friends "Ummm that was awkward.. that guy totally asked for my number"... What if he WASN'T into me like that? He was just being friendly? Will you still be thinking "WOW this girl is awesome!!" ... nooooo lol

    • I find aggression in a girl incredibly attractive. Even when a girl hit on me that I wasn't into, I was still very flattered. It can fuel the ego and is a nice change of pace.

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