Is she interested or just using me?

My gf and i have been dating for 6 months now and everything went great until we entered the 5th month. She started acting all uninterested and got defensive when i dont talk to her. when i left the last message. She would sometimes ignore it and after a day or 2 when i ask why she doesn't reply. She says that i couldve wrote something too... 2 days ago. I had a huge argument about that and my needs in this relationship that isn't fulfilled. And my needs are quite low iff i say so myself. She went as far as to say to me that she feels like that i am not that into her anymore. It flared up after that. The argument heated up so much that i threatend her with leaving iff she doesn't listen. This was the moment when i saw withdrawel and she sayd that she didn't want to argue and forget that ever happened. I replied that i wrote her love letters. Waited hourrrssss. Worked hours. Did so much for this relationship and you get the feeling that im not that into you? And thats when she started to see how serious i was. Because next day she literally acts all interested and reminds me how much she loves me and misses me often. I reply the same. But this sudden interest is confusing. Why is she suddenly so freaking initiative and caring whyle a week back she left me hanging? I need some advice...


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  • Personally i don't think she is using you or the such :)
    perhaps she was beginning to feel comfy in the relationship and therefore deemed she didn't have to try as hard to let ya know she likes you.
    that's not a bad thing, and the fact she changed her ways and started being all lovey dovey and stuff shows she saw the error of her ways i guess :3 be appreciative of her efforts and changing... its all good ^_^

    • I hope u r right man... This girl is unique. I dont see her often but i want to grow with her...

    • Perhaps its because you feel so much for her that its causing you to overthink and worry... its normal man ^_^